Laredo Search Tips

Use the menu on the left side of screen. Select Document Search. After you insert the information, be sure to click Add button. When you have your search set up as desired, click on Find from the menu. Before you begin a second search, be sure to click on Clear in the menu. For the last 4 items below, select proper circle.

  • Search by party name use this format: LICHT, WESLEY (don't use middle initials)
  • Search by PIN use this format: 0610-013-8660 (no municipal prefix or check digit)
  • Search by Survey Map type the map number and then Tab; enter lot number, and then Add
  • Search by Plat type first 5 characters and then Tab; use the pull down menu and select the desired name; type in the lots and block numbers (if there is a block), and then Add
  • Search by Tract enter the section, town, range and click on the correct quarter-section

Narrow your search by adding a document type, date range or both. You may also search by doc number.

Note: If Laredo has no activity for 2 minutes, you will get the automatic disconnect box. You can cancel or disable the disconnect box. If you elect to disconnect, be sure to get out of Laredo when finished because you will be billed for all the time your are connected.


Click once on document# to get image. Click once on party name to get record details. See the Laredo Search Manual.

Wall Dates

The grantor-grantee(or party name) index is available immediately after being recorded. The tract index is complete through the date posted at the bottom of the Laredo Search Results screen. The image is available by noon of the next working day after the date recorded.

Other Important Info

Remember that this is a working index and may contain errors and omissions due to errors in the preparation of the original document or in the indexing. It is always wise to search several different ways, such as by both party names and legal description. If you are dealing with a bad legal, try searching by the PIN - however, remember that PINs were indexed beginning May 8, 1995 and they are not always accurate.

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