Deeds (Instruments of Conveyance)

Legal instruments such as warranty deeds, quit claim deeds, etc., that convey title from one property owner to a new owner, are usually drafted by attorneys, or paralegals or legal secretaries under the supervision of an attorney.

The forms used for various types of deeds are available at many office supply businesses, but call first to make certain they still carry the forms since some no longer do so. Here is a link to deed forms. You can read our document definitions for deeds, or contact your attorney to determine the appropriate deed for your situation. The entire document must be legible and black ink must be used so that the document will scan properly.

The grantor and grantee (seller and buyer) must be identified on the deed. The grantor's signature which has been notarized, and a legal description of the property being conveyed must be on the deed. The return address of the person who is to receive the deed after it has been recorded is required. The parcel identification number, found on the property tax bill, must be placed on the document under the return address. Only the original deed with original signatures may be recorded with the Register of Deeds-- not photocopies.

The moment that a correctly prepared deed is handed from one owner to the next is the moment of actual conveyance. It is wise to protect your interest by recording the deed with the Register of Deeds at 210 Martin Luther King Blvd., Madison WI 53703. The recording fee is $30.00 per document - cash or check made payable to Register of Deeds.

An Electronic Transfer return receipt must accompany all deeds in order for it to be recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds. The Transfer Return must be filled out entirely, the fee to be paid (if any) calculated and the recording fee must accompany the deed when you submit it for recording. The transfer fee and recording fee can be combined on one check, made payable to Register of Deeds. See guidelines at the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website.

If you have any questions regarding filling out the deed form, contact your attorney.

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