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Register of Deeds Office


The Register of Deeds Office is open by appointment only, from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.
For appointments or information pertaining to real estate, call:  (608) 267-1519.
For appointment or information pertaining to vital records, call:  (608) 267-8810.

The Dane County Register of Deeds Office is the central location for vital records and land records for Dane County. Our Vital Records Section maintains and issues copies of birth, death, marriage, divorce, and domestic partnership certificates, and records military discharge papers for veterans. Our Real Estate Section maintains and issues copies of land records for property located in Dane County (deed information), and records a variety of other documents of significance (firm name registration). Most records are available for viewing in our office free of charge.

Vital Records

Records of birth, death, marriage, divorce, domestic partnerships and military discharge.

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Land Records

Deeds and other property records for land in Dane County.

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Online Real Estate Record Search

The Register of Deeds supports two online real estate records searches: Tapestry and Laredo.

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Office Information

Our office is open by appointment only from 8:00 am to 1:00pm.  For real estate appointments call (608) 267-1519.  For vital records appointments call (608) 267-8810.

Vital record applications and real estate documents for recording can be mailed to our physical address or placed in the Dane County drop box at the front of our building.

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Neighborhood Search Program

The Register of Deeds has made it's library of neighborhood covenants and restrictions free to search and download. Find your neighborhood documents here.

Register of Deeds

Kristi Chlebowski

Kristi Chlebowski is the current elected Register of Deeds.

Phone: (608) 267-8814