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Register of Deeds Office

Real Estate Record Fees

The Register of Deeds charges a fee for processing and copying recorded documents. The types of recorded documents accepted range from deeds and contracts to mortgages and satisfactions. Be aware that the first page of all recorded documents must include a blank area in the upper right hand corner or a cover page. For more information on receiving copies, see our recorded document copies page.

Method of Payment

Real estate document recording and transfer fees may be paid by cash, check or money orders made out to Register of Deeds, and in person by credit cards
(note: an additional fee is charged to the card holder which is determined by the total amount due).
For more information call: (608) 266-4141.


Recording Deeds, Mortgages, Land Contracts, Satisfactions, and other documents: $30 per document regardless of the number of pages.

Termination of Decedent's Property Interest: HT-110 forms are provided for this type of probate, $30.

Copies of Recorded Documents: Copies of filed documents are reduced to 8.5" X 14" or 11" X 17". In-person copy request require cash only. No personal or business checks, debit or credit card are accepted.

  • Uncertified Copies
    • $2 for the first page
    • $1 for each additional page
  • Certified Copies
    • $1 in addition to uncertified costs

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Financing Statements - Fees

Realty Related UCC Financing Statements are now recorded and have the same fees as other recorded documents. This includes original UCCs and all Amendments.

For other UCCs filed with the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI), please visit their website.

Searching non-realty related UCCs

Non-realty related UCCs filed with the DFI may be done through the Internet. There is no fee for this service. Exact name searches are required.

Note: Federal Tax Liens are no longer included in the DFI's database but are recorded with the local register of deeds.