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Electronic Recording

Electronic recording is a faster and more cost-effective way to prepare, process and receive documents.

For electronic recording information, trusted submitter application, including guidelines and resources, visit: 

 Wisconsin Electronic Recording Council

For general statutory document requirements:  Document Recording Requirements

e-Recording Vendors

Fidlar has decided to discontinue their xPedite eRecording submission software as of August 1st, 2009. After this date they will no longer Support xPedite. In place of xPedite they are now offering a new eRecording product called eCourier. eCourier is a web based submission product created and supported by eRecording Partners Network (ePN). If you would like more information on ePN or eCourier please visit their website.

Please contact our vendor who provides the eRecord receiver module: Fidlar Software, Inc. at 1(800) 747-4600, ask for the Support Department.

Other e-recording providers you can contact include:

eRecording at 1(866) 652-0111 or 1(855) 200-1150
SimpliFile at 1(800) 460-5657
For general questions, contact Kristi Chlebowski -