Seal of Dane County County of Dane
Register of Deeds Office

Mail Recording

Your legal real estate documents may be mailed with the proper fees to:

Register of Deeds
PO BOX 1438
Madison WI 53701-1438

You may also bring your document to the City-County Building.
All deeds require a transfer form and fee (or exemption from the fee). See Deeds and other Instruments of Conveyance.
Your attorney or lender will likely use the required Standard Document Format as they prepare your documents.
Your check or money order should be made out to Register of Deeds.
If you need a copy of your document time-stamped, bring a photocopy when you come to the office, or send us a note to that effect with your photocopy and a self-addressed envelope.

We cannot record your document as soon as it arrives because there are usually stacks of documents from title companies that arrived ahead of yours and by law, we must record in the order that documents are presented.