Tapestry Search Tips

When you first access Tapestry you are presented with the Tapestry home page. Click on the flashing "Click Here To Search" icon to proceed. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions and search information, you will be directed to the "Welcome to Tapestry" page. This page shows the states in the Midwest with counties connected to Tapestry. On the left side is a menu which you can find described below.

  • This is Tapestry Provides general information.
  • Quick Search Party name search. Best method for obtaining copy of a document, certified survey map, or plat. (See #3 directions below).
  • Login Use this to login after you have joined Tapestry.
  • Advanced Search Search by legal description and/or a combination of other known information. You must join Tapestry to use.
  • Join Tapestry Use this screen to become a Tapestry member. You will then be eligible for volume discounts.

Hints for Using Tapestry

  • Be sure to select a county. If your desired Wisconsin county is not on the list, contact that particular register of deeds at http://www.wrdaonline.org/ to see if they offer an alternative to Tapestry.
  • Take care to set up your search accurately. Correct spelling of last name is a must, but you do not need to type in the entire first name. If you are not certain if the first name is Janet or Jane, just type JAN in the first name field. Do not use middle initials.
  • If you chose to do a "Quick Search," here is the procedure:
    • Search by party name: use the first and last name of a grantor or grantee
    • Search by company name: type the name in the last name field
    • Search by document number: type the pound sign (#) immediately followed by the document number in the last name field. Example: #4567891
    • Search by certified survey map: type this in the last name field - CERTIFIED SURVEY MAP #9327 (or whatever the map number is
    • Search by plat name: type the first 10 characters in the last name field. For the official name of a plat, use our Plat Name Lookup database
  • If Tapestry is unable to perform the search, or if your search yields no records, it will tell you so and you will not be charged.
  • Once you get a list of documents, you can double click each listing and then select document details at no extra charge.
  • Once you get a list of documents, you can double click each listing and then select document images. You will be charged 50 cents per each image regardless of whether or not you decide to print. Printing is included in the 50 cents. All plats and certified survey maps have been scanned and the images are available in Tapestry.
  • Your running total of Tapestry expenses is listed at the top of most screens.
  • For technical assistance and support, use "Contact Us" at https://tapestry.fidlar.com/Tapestry2/Contact.aspx
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