Tapestry Document Types

  • All Documents (ALL) All document types are included in the search, including those listed below and all others.
  • Affidavit (AFF) A written or printed declaration or statement of facts, made voluntarily and confirmed by the oath or affirmation of the party making it, taken before a person having authority to administer such oath or affirmation.
  • Agreement (AGR) The writing or instrument evidencing the intention between two or more parties with respect to the effect upon their relative rights and duties of certain past or future facts or performances. The consent of two or more parties concurring respecting the transmission of some property, right, or benefits, with the view of contracting a mutual obligation.
  • Certified Survey Map (CSM) A survey is performed according to state standards for the purpose of sub-dividing land into four or less parcels, or for the purpose of establishing property boundaries; it is represented graphically by a map drawn to scale, usually reviewed and approved by a local authority, and presented for recording and filing. After this instrument is recorded, the land is henceforth described by the certified survey map number, lot number, volume and page where recorded, and name of the county. Not every state allows CSMs.
  • Deed (D) A written instrument that, when executed and delivered, conveys title to or an interest (usually ownership) in real estate.
  • Easement (EAS) The right to use the land of another for a specific purpose is granted. An easement appurtenant passes with the land when conveyed.
  • Judgment (JUD) The formal decision of a court upon the respective rights and claims of the parties to an action or suit. After a judgment has been entered and recorded with the clerk of courts, it usually becomes a general lien on the property of the defendant.
  • Land Contract (LC) A contract for the sale of real estate wherein the purchase price is paid in periodic installments by the purchaser, who is in possession of the property. The vendor and vendee each have an interest in the property until final payment is made.
  • Lien (LIE) A charge against or interest in property to secure payment of a debt, or performance of an obligation.
  • Lis Pendens (LP) A recorded (or filed) legal document giving constructive notice that an action affecting a particular property has been filed in either a state or federal court. Latin for “case pending.”
  • Mortgage (MTG) A pledge of real estate as security for the payment of a debt; also the document creating a mortgage lien.
  • Notice (NOT) A document providing information, and advice, or warning, intended to apprise a party of some proceeding in which the party’s interests are or may be involved, or inform the party of some fact which is his/her right to know and the duty of the notifying party to communicate.
  • Order (OR) A document containing the direction of a court or judge, or other governmental body, made in writing but not included in a judgment, which determines some point or directs some step in the proceedings.
  • Plat (P) A map of a specific land area such as a town, section, or subdivision showing the location and boundaries of individual parcels of land subdivided into lots, with streets, easements, etc., usually drawn to scale. The map is representative of a survey performed by a registered land surveyor. Most plats must receive approval by state and local government in order to be filed with the register of deeds. The plats become effective upon being recorded and filed.
  • Restriction (RES) A limitation on the use of real property, generally originated by the owner or subdivider in a deed or a separate document, and/or subdivision plat. The purpose behind the restrictions is usually to maintain or enhance the value of the land and surroundings.
  • Satisfaction (SAT) The discharge of an obligation by paying a party what is due on a mortgage, lien, note, contract or for a judgment; the document acknowledging the payment of a debt, such as a satisfaction of a mortgage.
  • UCC-3 (UCC) A Uniform Commercial Code financing statement that attaches the real estate connected with the personal property lien. May be a type of “fixture filing” where business equipment is attached physically to the building structures.
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